The Proof that Islam is The Truth

--> Abdurraheem Green embarks on a journey, a journey to take you through a very amazing and interesting topic and that is the proof that Islam is the Truth.

'Friendship Has No Religion'


'Friendship Has No Religion'
a good movie :)
please download..

the movie is about friendship between an Orthodox Jewish woman and a Muslim woman 
who meet as first-year teachers at a public school in Brooklyn. Over the course of the year 
they learn they share much in common


TheHumbleWayfarer said...

Assalamu'alaikum..i just watchd it coincidence taht u post it in ur blog . i woud give 2 thumbs up 4 da movie!! =)

may Allah bless u ya ukht!!keep up the awesome blogging =)

fahana_ann said...

huhuhu..kena ke youtube ni intrnet tak laju...huhu..tapi permulaan critenyer mnrik minat...

mes amis

Life is journey, From baby to adulthood, From ignorant to knowledgable, From bad to excellent, From imperfect to perfect, From unfriendly to friendly, From unforgiving to forgiving, From this world to hereafter, From meeting mankind to final distination to meeting Allah