The Proof that Islam is The Truth

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Forum Masyarakat Harmoni (Interfaith dialogue - 1 MALAYSIA! Ye Y!)

Peace and happiness have been discussed time and time again. It is interesting to note that many of these issues either directly or indirectly have been associated with faiths and religions of the world. To some, religions are the main stumbling blocks that prevent many people from enjoying life which is peaceful, fair and free. Many believe that although most religions emphasize on good deeds, charity and kindness, there are misunderstandings that eventually lead to unhealthy environment.

In a multiculture and multi-religion country like Malaysia, it is paramount that such issues be understood in order to prevent further misunderstanding. It is time to bring all interested parties together to discuss these issues, to gather additional information, to answer various questions and finally, to plan out towards a harmonious society. The idea to organize dialogue sessions on these issues, particularly from the major religions in this country should be supported and well-accepted by all.


Daud Mili said...

FORUM ORANG MUDA memang ader rakaman...tapi bukan sy yg amik...nanti tgk2 kat youtube...itu pun kalo ader..

muslim_milenium said...

....hmm..bro kamaruddin..n Dr hasbullah....knal sangat....hehhhe.

mes amis

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